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Our Family:

Gunther - 4yo Male
Jingle Bell - 20mo Male
Tinsel - 20mo Male
Dancer - 6mo Male
Flossie - 6yo Female
Rona - 11yo Female
Gumdrop - 4yo Female
Roxie - 12yo Female
Velvet - 6mo Female

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Phone: 740.382.9343
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Last Updated:
( January 28, 2009 )

Live Reindeer Appearances

Imagine the look on your customer's faces this holiday season as they walk past your shop only to find real, live reindeer out front surrounded by passers-by. Truly bringing the magic of the holidays to life, for children and parents alike. This year- make your holiday event or promotional idea that much more remarkable. Hire Pine Acres Reindeer Farm. We are professional, reliable... and let's face it- we're able to work a little magic too.

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